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Education Segment

Our education solutions are developed from the ground up to increase security and safety while extending the capabilities of student, faculty and staff ID badges. Our solutions can be used for convenient access and campus activities. Technology is transforming how students and colleges utilize student IDs. ICard Solutions provides secure and innovative ID card solutions to create exceptional student experiences that meet the unique needs of both students and school administrators. We can suggest a suitable solution in this regard. In addition, ICard Solutions will work with you and ensure smooth project implementation and support our customers with Software & Hardware integration as required.

Why Icard

Due to the graphic personalisation of the cards, you can identify your students in an instant and prevent the risk of intrusion into your institution. Encoded data on the cards allows you to reliably manage access to the various facilities on your campus.

Personalise your student ID cards

* Printers that are robust, reliable, and easy to use
* The ability to produce cards on your premises, allowing immediate replacement in the event of loss or theft
* Seamless integration into existing IT systems
* Products to encode magnetic strips and contact or contactless smart-cards

From basic identity data to the most advanced encoding features, student cards can have the following functions:

* Identifying students as members of a school or university
* Access to catering throughout the network (campus food service, cafeterias, etc.)
* Paying using an e-wallet
* Borrowing books and other materials from the university library
* Signing up for and participating in sporting activities
* Accessing restricted areas (parking lots, buildings, classrooms, etc.)

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