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Hospitals & Hospitality

Integrating advanced technology to manage every aspect of the healthcare experience within the unique environment of a healthcare facility. Healthcare ID cards can help you reduce costs and build patient loyalty by enabling personalized member services and safe, convenient access to hospitals and clinics. Whatever your healthcare card program entails, ICard Solutions can work with you to identify and build the right solution to meet your needs. ICard Solutions positioned to support you from initial system design through installation and testing, training and technical support.

Why Icard

In the hospital environment, badges allow you to identify and differentiate between the various categories of employees: medical staff, administration, security, etc. The badge holder’s data can be printed on the surface of the badge or, depending on the method used, encoded in the badge with the capability of storing a large quantity of information.

So your employee badges guarantee protected access to the various zones within the establishment, and strengthen the security of patients and hospital staff:

* Treatment rooms,
* Operating theatres,
* Company canteen,
* Staff rooms, etc.

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