Entrust Datacard Artista CR805 Retransfer Card Printer

The Artista CR805 Card Printer is a top-tier solution for high-quality ID card printing. Using advanced retransfer technology, it produces vibrant, durable cards with precise details. Ideal for schools, corporations, and government institutions, the Entrust Artista CR805 offers robust security features and versatile printing options.

Its user-friendly design ensures easy operation and maintenance. Whether you need single or double-sided printing, the CR805 delivers consistent, professional results. Upgrade your card printing capabilities with the Artista CR805 Card Printer for reliable, high-resolution output that meets the highest standards.

• Pigment ink delivers long-lasing image and designs.
• 600 dpi resolution provides high-definition printing, perfect for micro text, barcodes, and other elements.
• Retransfer technology enables over-the-edge printing on various card types.
• Applying dual layers of retransfer film, enhancing card durability significantly.
• Enhance durability and security with the addition of an inline lamination module and an optional tactile impression module.


A stunning, high-end look for every card design – photo quality imagery and high resolution printing show off your brand to the world.

Improved security of schools, airports and other key facilities – pigment ink for lifelike skin tones and easier card-to-cardholder authentication. In addition, the system has enhanced security features to protect the integrity of your data.

Savings for your card program – long lasting images mean fewer card replacements and system modularity means you can add to the platform as card program needs change. Add new encoding options or lamination with ease.

Artista CR805 Printer Standard Features and Specifications

Print technology

  • Retransfer pigment ink

Print capabilities

  • Single or dual-sided, over-the-edge printing

Print resolution

  • 600 dots per inch (dpi)

Print speed

  • Full color printing
  • Single-sided (CMYKP) – up to 100 cards per hour (cph)
  • Double-sided (CMYKP-KP) – up to 66 cards per hour (cph)

Color modes

  • True Color (ICC) – prints color as close as possible to image as defined in the card design
  • Legacy SR/CR – Close match to the CR500 Instant Issuance System
  • Vivid – printer colors with higher saturation and contrast

Card capacity

  • Input hopper – 125 cards
  • Output hopper – 25 cards (Optional 125 card)
  • Card input size – 0.030 inches to 0.040 inches (0.76 mm to 1.01mm)

Operating environment

  • 60°F – 95°F (15°C – 35°C)

Physical dimensions

  • L 21.4 in. x W 10.1 in. x H 15.6 in.
  • L 54.34 cm x W 25.53 cm x H 39.68 cm


  • 28 lb. (12.7 kg); with options will vary


  • USB and Ethernet


  • Printer: 36 month standard warranty
  • Printhead: Limited lifetime warranty

Optional Features

Magnetic stripe encoding

  • ISO/IAT Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  • JIs Magnetic Stripe Encoding

SmartCard encoding

  • Single wire – Contact ISO 7816 T=0, 1
  • Contactless ISO 14443 A/B Protocols, Mifare Protocols &FeliCa (DES & AES)
  • Loosely Couple – Contact ISO 7816 T=0, 1
  • Contactless ISO 14443 A/B Protocols, Mifare Protocols &FeliCa
    • HID iCLASS, Read/write or read-only encoder
    • PC Prox

CR805 Ribbon and Supplies

CR805 ribbons ensure pigmentation and sharp 600 DPI resolution, perfect for achieving high-definition prints on ID cards with exceptional clarity and detail.

Color ribbons

  • CMYKP: 1000 images (single-sided); 500 images (dual-sided)
  • CMYKP-KP: 750 images
  • CMYP-KPi: 750 images
  • CMYKP-KPi: 500 images
  • FCMYP-KP: 750 images

Clear retransfer film

  • 1000 images (single-sided), 500 images (dual-sided)
  • 1500 images (single-sided), 750 images (dual-sided)