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How to Choose an ID Card Printer

December 2, 2019
How to Choose an ID Card Printer

Corporations, healthcare facilities, educational campuses, and government agencies are seeking reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for producing secure ID badges on demand. The spectrum of available ID card printing options is quite broad, and the selection process is overwhelming. This will simplify the selection process—identifying and evaluating the top ten things to consider when choosing a secure issuance solution that will meet your broad—but unique—set of needs.

  1. Start with Security – Security concerns are ever on the rise. Protecting confidential data—financial information, patient records, classified documents—against an increasingly complex range of possible security breaches is crucial. When deciding which printing solution contains security features that are necessary for your organization.
  2. Durable Credentials Equals a Long Card Life – Ultimately, the efficacy of your ID card printing system comes down to how effectively the issued credentials meet the card’s demands. As you evaluate your options, keep in mind the environments and conditions to which your card will be exposed. Use a highly durable, on-card film with your card printer. This is a good way to extend the card life, without requiring a separate investment in lamination hardware.
  3. Determine your Card Printing Volume Needs – How many cards will you be printing and at what intervals? Will, you only need new cards printed intermittently throughout the year or will you be printing large batches of cards at a time, several times a year? These questions are important because not all printers are created equal. For higher volume demands, it is recommended that you select models with large capacity.
  4. Modularity and System Scalability to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership – As your organization expands and your card issuance needs to increase or require migration to more advanced card technologies, an upgradeable solution can be expanded in scaled increments to meet those demands. This will further reduce your total future cost of ownership.
  5. Cost-Saving, Environmentally Sustainable Laminating Technology – Producers of secure ID cards in high volumes are constantly seeking ways to cut costs and improve the efficiency of their laminating technology. Waste less lamination reduces the per-card cost and minimizes environmental impact through improving energy efficiency.
  6. Partnering with the Right Provider – By understanding your technology options and considering these factors one by one, you will be able to effectively narrow your selections and confidently choose the right secure issuance solution to best meet your needs.

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